This project is creative exercise. The theme OASIS and the concept is meditation and focus on safe, relaxing enviroments. This Mind Sculpting exercise is ongoing and helps me to refine my creative point of view and awareness.
3rd Ethos is a concept store that showcases artists and brands through retail gallery space located in Bushwick Brooklyn. It is a network of different interests and spaces rolled into one experience dedicated to art, fashion, music, design and cuisine. The '3rd' is inspired by the idea of The Third Place - the first place being your home, the second place being your work, and the third place being your social environment, where you go to socialize and network with your community. My concept for the 3RD ETHOS brand identity is futurism and space.
Brand Identity
For the launch of Orla Kiely's first store in Japan, I designed the Autumn/Winter 2015 look book.
Look Book
This book is about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster. The design concept was tailored to consider the sensitive nature of the subject matter.
Book Design
This project uses collected data of the phases of the Moon and my moods. To communicate the relationship between my moods and the phases of the moon in a concise and stylish way.
Brand Identity
The MIK fonts are based on combination of typeface, color and geometry to show the geometric quolities of typeface in a fun new way. For this collection I have designed an original typeface. This design collection allows me to create new patterns and print options by selecting a different combination of letters from the typeface alphabet. This way people can enjoy a limitless variety of different designs and color combinations all related to this typeface.
The interactive function of this project is such that the direction and speed of the rotating stone is affected by contact with the user. The tree is affected by sound. In this way, I wanted to demonstrate the same aesthetic qualities that are typically present in nature. The constant fluctuation of water for example is a key part of its beauty.
Motion Graphic
This project is called SPIRIT FILTER. In this project, I constructed a Virtual Space with images, typography and texts, videos, and sounds to explore the possibilities of conveying spatial and cultural significance through mixed digital media. There are three stages/videos to express and tell a story about technology as a therapeutic agent.
Motion Graphic
Zashiki (Japanese style Tatami room) is a room where hosts entertain their guests. In this video, I created an animated infographic to explain, step by step, the manner/etiquette of Zashiki.
Motion Graphic
This GIF series was inspired by the Tarot. The juxtaposition of different animal characteristics is meant to be ironic and to give the creatures a more mysterious quality.
Motion Graphic
As a design concept intended for a MoMA exhibition, this project is designed to convey the aesthetic character of the artist within the confines of the MoMA's exhibition design parameters. Using the themes of monolith, juxtaposition and flow, the design concept expresses the sense of Noguchi's work with oversized gradient type, facing walls with contrasting color and projected water movement.
Exhibition Design
In the brand concept stage of Tatcha's creation, I designed the trademark and package design assets including seal, label and box.
Package Design